Your Trusted Partner in Foreclosure Title Services

Fortune Title Agency handles over a thousand foreclosure cases each month. Our experience allows our dedicated team to handle just about any issue that could arise in the process, and yes, there can be a lot of them.

No matter how complicated the foreclosure process gets, Fortune Title can navigate it for you. We are committed to always being your partner, no matter how unpredictable the case may get.

Results = People + Process + Technology

Our experienced team members work with lenders, attorneys, asset managers, third-party portfolio investors, real estate agents and buyers of REO properties to ensure compliant title results every time.

People Using a Well-Designed Process Aided by Technology

Our employees have an extensive pool of knowledge to help you through every case. We also consistently update our technology to help our team deliver superior title work and make the process easier to understand for you, your staff and clients.

Digital Solutions Deliver Speed and Convenience

Before and After a Foreclosure Sale

We combine the traditional work of title processing with cutting-edge innovation to help eliminate project-management burdens. Our Fortune File Tracker manages all your title-related documents, notes, and files in one convenient location. This secure, password-protected cloud portal allows easy access to track the progress of title processing. You can quickly determine the status of your closing documents at any time and from any location. This system helps facilitate foreclosure efforts in any situation. Our goal of a compliant title for defaults and foreclosed assets is achieved through cost-effective and expedient processing.

These tools help us ensure that we will meet your specific needs while ensuring the most streamlined process possible. Fortune Title’s vast foreclosure knowledge—from mortgages and tax sales to insuring foreclosed properties— as well as the latest technology offerings, ensures that every part of the title process is handled expertly.

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