Fortune Cares – Kindergarten Kindness

For the month of February, Fortune Cares learned of a kindergarten class in need of supplies. We requested a list from the teacher and all of the employees of Fortune chipped in to purchase everything that was on the list consisting of all colors of construction paper, glue sticks, colored pencils, fat markers, fat pencils, fat crayons (fat meaning easy to grip for small hands), cotton balls, balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, paper plates, napkins, Lysol or Clorox clean up wipes, and Lysol spray.  We also purchased some additional items that we felt a class of little people would need (such as first aid supplies). We will be delivering the supplies to the class this week.  We are excited for this opportunity to directly support a class of young minds.

As we have done before, we have also continued to “Pay It Forward.” A few examples for this month are listed below:

One employee paid the extra money that a mother was short for her groceries.

Another employee donated blood.

Another employee volunteered at a soup kitchen.

We will continue to “Pay It Forward” throughout the year and list share our examples in future blogs!

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