Noteworthy – Thankful For Our Relationships

Thankful For Our Relationships

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well it also takes a village to close a file!  Whether you are an individual looking to buy, sell or refinance a home, an investor buying or selling real estate, or even a Lender foreclosing a mortgage or selling a Real Estate Owned (REO) property, you are an integral part of the team.  There are many different people involved in completing these transactions and it is only by working together that we do.  So this month we want to express our thanks for all of the relationships we have developed that help us do just that.

Thank You Abstractors

Whether we are producing a Report of Title, a Title Insurance Commitment, or even just obtaining a copy of document, we can’t provide any of these items without our abstractors.  We work with a variety of companies and individuals that go to the county courthouse every day and search the land records on our behalf.  This may not sound like a very romantic job, but do not be fooled, abstracting is an art form.  My grandmother, Doris Petroski, was the first in our family to enter the title industry.  She started searching in 1972 for Chelsea Title in Paterson.  Within 2 years she had learned the trade well enough to become an independent searcher in Hudson County, where she gained her fame as the lead searcher for commercial work, especially the railroads.  My mother, Dorri Timpanaro joined the business along with my father, Nicholas Timpanaro.  I have fond memories of the courthouse, coloring in maps as a child and learning how to abstract as a teenager.  Abstracting is like solving a puzzle.  You have to find all the pieces and put them together.  No two counties are alike, each one having their own intricacies, from how you run specific names, how things are indexed, and how to navigate their computer systems.  We would not be able to produce quality work without having quality ingredients, and that comes from our abstractors.

Thank You Realtors

The Realtor is the first person that a buyer or seller usually engages with.  They are on the ground helping their clients with everything from shopping the market to obtaining Certificates of Occupancy.  As the closest person to the buyer/seller, they are a vital part of facilitating a smooth closing.  They walk their clients through a transaction that many people do only once or twice in their life and help reduce stress.  In some instances they are the only representation that the buyer/seller has and play an integral part in contract negotiation.

Thank You Attorneys

The attorneys that we work with are either real estate attorneys representing a buyer/seller or a foreclosure attorney representing a lender.  Attorneys represent their client’s interests, make sure all legal documents are accurately prepared, and negotiate terms.  We work closely with them, their paralegals, and other staff members, to ensure that everyone’s interests are protected in one of the most important transactions of their lives.

Thank You Lenders

The lending community makes it possible for millions of people to purchase a home.  Unless you are an investor, it is rare that a home purchase occurs without some sort of financing.  Lenders ensure that a homebuyer can afford the purchase of a home.  Lenders that are subject to the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule, more commonly known as “TRID” or “Know Before You Owe” have experienced a huge transition from the HUD-1 form to the Closing Disclosure and ALTA Settlement Statement.  We faced that change together and still continue to work with our lender partners to acclimate to every change as it comes our way.

Thank You Fortune Title Staff

Fortune Title Agency, Inc. currently employs more than 25 individuals, all of which display a dedication, loyalty, and love for what they do every day.  As a company that “does it all” our employee’s jobs include a variety of responsibilities from answering phones to examining title to facilitating a closing.  There is no job too big or small and every single person contributes to the quality, efficiency, and excellent service that our clients are accustomed to.  We are a family business and our employees are all a part of our Fortune Family.  We attribute our success as a company to the people we employ.  They are what make our company exceptional.

Thank You For Being Our Partners

There are a lot of people involved in the transactions we handle on a daily basis.  At the end of the day, we all have one common goal.  We look at everyone involved in these transactions as our partners.  We may have different companies and play different roles, but we are all ONE TEAM.  Many of our abstractors, realtors, attorneys, and lenders have become friends.  After all, we do love adding on to the Fortune Family!  We deeply appreciate all of our relationships and the success that we experience together, working side by side.  Thank you for your business, for your service, for your friendship, and thank you for choosing Fortune Title.

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