Noteworthy – New Year’s Resolution

Most of us start the New Year with a resolution for ourselves. We set a goal to eat healthy, exercise more, or maybe to find a better work-life balance.  Personally, I need to do all of the above!  At Fortune Title we also take this time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next year.  So what is in store for Fortune Title in 2017?

Digital Facelift

We have grown a lot over the past year, entering new markets and expanding existing ones.  As a result, we have decided it’s time for a digital facelift.  Over the next year we will be updating our website and expanding our digital presence.  We’ve already started generating ideas for our new look and have engaged some very talented companies to assist us with this project.  Keep an eye out for a new and improved!

Improving Our Process

Our growth has also provided us with an opportunity to revisit our processes.  As part of our Best Practices Self-Assessment we documented pretty much every process in our company.  While the main purpose of this was to meet the needs of the Vendor Management programs of our clients, it also provided a lot of insight into our day to day operations.  Over the next year we are reviewing the newer features of our software programs, interviewing new staff members, and finding more efficient ways for us to get our job done. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and are always looking for innovative technologies and fresh ideas to provide the best experience we can for everyone we work with. If there’s something you would like to see at Fortune Title, please email us and Your input is greatly appreciated.

New Markets, New Reports

Another effect of our growth has been the need for better analytics. This is probably my favorite goal of 2017 because it means I get to create more spreadsheets!  Yes, I have a deep affinity for Microsoft Excel, especially pivot tables! While my passion for financial analysis and return on investment isn’t shared by many people, the results of that reporting are used company-wide to gauge productivity, compliance, market growth, and more. Sometimes our analysis confirms something we already knew, and sometimes the results are quite surprising.  They always bring value and help us ensure we are achieving our goals.

Strengthening Our Backbone

Our final goal for the year is to improve our business efficacy by strengthening our core. When you think of a title agency I doubt that things like payroll, job descriptions, and human resources come to mind.  We work so much in our business that it can be easy to forget to work on our business.  This year we are making sure we spend that time and improve our business administration to support our growth.

Whether you have been working with us for years or have joined the Fortune Family recently, we deeply appreciate our relationship with you.  Thank you for contributing to our growth in 2016 and we hope that our 2017 goals help us to serve you better.

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