Fortune Facts – Meet the Man Who Started it All

You’ll know him when you see him – and if not, you’ll know him from the way he greets you with a warm hug.  From his signature hats to his friendly demeanor, Nick Timpanaro has become a welcome fixture in the NJ title industry.

From humble beginnings, Nick opened the Fortune Title office in 2000, where he shared a desk with his one employee, Norma Diaz.  Previously, Nick was President of Commerce Title Agency, Inc.; before that, he was Chief Title Examiner and Manager of the Foreclosure Department at First Financial Title Insurance Company; and before that, he was digging through the books in the trenches of Hudson County, mastering the business of searching.  Nick spent many years researching and reading everything he could get his hands on, including the Handbook of New Jersey Title Practice written by the esteemed Larry Fineberg.  His now vast body of knowledge and experience has earned him a reputation of being the go-to source of information and guidance for many NJ Foreclosure Attorneys.

Sixteen years later, Norma is still with Fortune, joined by over 20 other employees that are lucky enough to have Nick as their mentor.  Every day we appreciate his spirit, his humor, his knowledge, and his love.  If you see Nick, say hello, and give him a hug.  You won’t be sorry.

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