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It’s puppy season!!!  As you may or may not know, Fortune Title is a dog friendly office. If you do a quick search online, you will see many articles lauding the benefits of pets in the office. Improved morale, reduced stress and stress-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, and reduced employee absenteeism are a few of the positive effects. Fortune employees can attest to this firsthand, as we feel our spirits rise and can’t help smiling when we feel that little nuzzle at our ankles. Our Fortune Family of furry friends has grown this year; employees have acquired Charlie (a Havanese), Mia and Jeter (Mal-Shis), Stella (a Beagle mix), and Petey (a mutt; DNA test pending)! And the most recent editions are four newborn puppies, currently nameless, who came into this world just in time for the holidays! We hope these newbies will soon join the other pups that trot around spreading joy through our office.

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