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This month Fortune Cares proudly supports the extraordinary social action work of BAM ( – “B”riana, “A”mina and “M”arley – three young girls on the move to improve our community through their active and inspired social networking, peer mentoring and social action programs. Through the end of April, we are purchasing items for Briana’s RoomForChange project to completely outfit five rooms on the sixth floor of the YMCA in Newark, NJ, where children 12-17 years are living, unaccompanied by any parents or guardians.  Briana’s mission:  to create a warm, welcoming space where each child can feel safe and comfortable during their stay.  Each room will be furnished with beds and bedding, desks, chairs and lamps – all decorated a cheery animal motif selected especially by Briana, the animal lover that she is!

The unfortunate reality is that these boys and girls arrive at the YMCA seeking safe haven at all hours, even in the middle of the night.  Sometimes they have only the clothes on their backs, with staff scrambling to provide them the personal items they need, such as underwear and pajamas, toiletries and towels. Thanks to Briana, these children and their living condition have received much needed attention and support.

To participate in RoomsForChange is as simple as placing an order at Briana’s online charity registries at either or  Here, you’ll find listed all of the items needed and more to create a peaceful place these children can call home. BAM also welcomes monetary donations at

Briana’s RoomsForChange project is also supported by GrassROOTS Community Foundation, a public health and social action organization that advocates for women and girls, particularly those who are impoverished

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