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With the holiday season upon us, Fortune Title employees wanted to help spread the holiday spirit as best we can. At the beginning of the month, we encouraged everyone in the office to do Random Acts of Kindness leading into the holiday season. Even though we are all very busy here, we are lucky enough to have one another to lean on, and we are also fortunate enough to have our families at home.  We circulated a list of ideas to get started, but of course asked everyone to add their own ideas as well.

Simple Acts of Kindness can have a powerful effect. Here are some of the personal stories of our employees:

When my cousin lost her baby, she held an event where over 300 people joined in and did Random Acts of Kindness.  It was something that she focused on to get her through the rough days. For weeks people would email her and tell her what they had done in honor of her baby.   These simple acts gave her hope and strength to move forward.

I bought coffee for the office…everyone was excited.

I’ve been buying donation food boxes at Stop & Shop; 8 boxes so far. I feel that it’s important to donate food at times other than Thanksgiving. It feels good to contribute.

I regularly ride my town’s ambulance and help save people. It is hard work, but so rewarding.

I bought a meal for a homeless person. The look of thanks in his eyes touched me so deeply and I want to do this on a regular basis.

I bought coffee at the Starbucks drive-through for the police officer behind me, and asked the barista to ask him to pay it forward. I’ve personally been the recipient of a “pay it forward” Starbucks beverage, and the surprise kindness of a stranger is a joyous feeling that needs to be spread.

We only had a bit of a snowfall, but I saw my elderly neighbor struggling outside. I helped her clear her sidewalk and driveway, and could feel her appreciation.

I decorated my home for the holidays and helped my friends do the same. Seeing lights and decorations around town always make me happy, and I wanted to spread that cheer to others.

Someone did a wonderful random act of kindness to me. I went to have my FAFSA prepared, the person who had the appointment in front of me paid for my service; I then paid for the next appointment.

I jump-started a stranger’s car in the parking lot. How could I just see this person stranded and go on my way when I know I have jumper cables in my trunk? I would like to think that someone would do the same for me.

This movement was a hit, and we would like to continue to spread kindness throughout our community beyond the holiday season. Here are some of our ideas; please feel free to email us at and share your own!

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Visit a nursing home

Assist an elderly person at the store

Help a neighbor in need

Donate items to an animal shelter

Buy donuts for the office

Donate extra clothes

Donate blankets in winter

Bake cookies and share

Organize a food drive

Buy coffee or a treat for a co-worker or a stranger

Give someone a copy of your favorite book

Give a surprise gift (chocolates, coffee, flowers, etc.)

Serve a meal at a soup kitchen

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